About Us

Kaunas Mixed Choir SALUTO

Kaunas mixed choir SALUTO has been founded in autumn 2007. Saluto members consist of various ages professionals, lovers of choral art, united by the love of singing, fueled by youthful enthusiasm, led on a creative path by conductor Ramutė Štreimikytė, purposefully develop their biography, spreading the sincerity, warmth and love of music through songs.

The choir performs songs by Lithuanian and foreign composers of various eras, styles and genres, which are usually united by the themes of the selected programs.

"Saluto" is a joyful wave of the hand when greeting and saying goodbye, sending the most sincere wishes to those around you.

"Saluto" is an expression of respect for the song, its creator and the listener.

„Saluto“ – a never-ending celebration created by being with a song, being together, being for others - listening to our songs.

Our Director

The founder and leader of the choir is Ramutė Štreimikytė. 2007 she founded the mixed choir SALUTO, with which she prepares thematic programs, gives a lot of concerts in Lithuania
and beyond. The choir has won several international competitions.

SALUTO Members

The choir sings over 30 singers. The ensemble performs works by Lithuanian and foreign composers of various eras, styles and genres, which are usually united by the themes of selected programs. The organizational and entertainment activities of the choir are created and carried out by the members of the choir themselves.


If you want to hear the voices of the choir SALUTO, we invite you to listen to our singing.


The choir SALUTO is open to music of various styles and genres. For those who are interested, you can get acquainted with the full choir repertoire.

Choir Events

During the fifteen years of activity, the choir SALUTO sang over 400 songs, prepared sixteen concert programs in Lithuania and Europe. The choir is also a winner of several international choir competitions.

Travels and Adventures

SALUTO have a lot of performances, having around ten concerts every year, collaborating with various art groups, participating in competitions and festivals in Lithuania and abroad. Choir has performed in France (2008), Germany (2009), Russia (2010, 2014), the Czech Republic (2011), Spain (2012), Austria (2013), England (2015), Bulgaria (2018), Norway (2019), Latvia (2020) and Georgia, Sakartvel (2022).