Life is a Song, Love is Music!

Who We Are:

SALUTO members are representatives of all ages and professions, lovers of choral art, united by their love of singing, fueled by a youthful passion, led by leader Ramutė Štreimikytė, purposefully developing their biography, spreading the sincerity, warmth and love of music in the ensemble.

'Saluto' is a never ending festival, being together with a song.

Choir spectators' comments after the concerts:

“... it was like never before - STRONG, that which excites, trembles, embarrasses, and transforms mortals in every other way. It’s hard to say how glad it was to hear SALUTO so drastically different. What fff and ppp, ech ... Emotions are mixed up because the music you broadcast is so healing and changing the environment that I would have lost what I found. ”

“... The sound and color of the choir are ideal. What a pleasure it was! ”

“... The sound and color of the choir are ideal. What a pleasure it was! ”


SALUTO members are like you:

lovers of music, togetherness, travels and fun, love to sing and create a celebration of music. We invite you to connect online or even visit the choir SALUTO and together express the love for the song. Let's collaborate and make a musical event - live or virtual!

We rehearse at:

LPKTS  – Union of Lithuanian political prisoners and exiles, Laisvės al. 39, II a. hall, Kaunas.

Mondays at 18:30 - 20:30
Thursdays at 18:30 - 20:30

Current Events

  • 26th of March 2023 SALUTO will participate in the first round of the Republican competition for adult choirs, which will be held In Kaunas, KTU III building.
  • 2023 m. balandžio 22 d. Kaune J. Naujalio muzikos gimnazijoje laukia Tarptautinis Juozo Naujalio chorų festivalis ir konkursas. Šio festivalio rėmuose vyks koncertas Raudondvario Šv. Kūdikėlio Jėzaus Teresės bažnyčioje.
  • 2023 m. birželio 9 d. vyks koncertas Gelgaudiškio dvare.
  • 2023 m. birželio 23 d. kviečiame į koncertą Joninių proga Kauno Šančių kultūros erdvėje P.A.R.A.K.A.S.
  • In 2023 July 3-10 we are planning a concert and educational trip to France: Normandy - Brittany.

Support Us

In order to continue our choral activities, distribute music not only to Lithuanian but also to foreign communities and participate in choir competitions, the choir SALUTO is looking for friends and sponsors to cover the fees of our travel and competition participants. For the support provided, we would like to thank you with the concerts and placing your logo on our page.