Choir Events

Throughout the choir SALUTO sang about 300 tracks, prepared sixteen concert programs:

"World Christmas Music (2007-2019)", 

"Songs in Wings over the Centuries (2008)", 

"Lithuanian Sacred Song in the Light of the 1000th" (2009), 

“Beauštanti aušrelė” (2011) - to commemorate the 100th anniversary of M. K. Čiurlionis death, 

“Dreams of Love” (2011),

" Oh, Lithuanians, my heartfelt brothers! (2013), to mention the 300th birth anniversary of K. Donelaitis.


However, the most memorable in the choir's biography is the celebration of the choir's fifth anniversary in 2012. K. Jenkins' Armed Man: Mass for Peace with soloists, Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra and video installations was performed for the first time in Lithuania, performed twice - at the Kaunas State Philharmonic and Kaunas IX Fort. 

For its decade, the choir has agreed to a new program "Prasvydo" traveling around the world with songs (2017).

The choir is a winner of several international choir competitions: 

In 2009 choir won the 2nd degree diploma and 3rd place in the 17th International S. Šimkus Choir Competition, the successful debut was marked with a special prize; 

In 2010 received 3rd place in the 1st International Sacred Music Choir Competition "Laudate Dominum" in Vilnius. 

In 2013 the choir was awarded the Golden Bird Award in the nomination "New Shining Star".

In the same year, choir won a 2nd degree diploma at the 19th International S. Šimkus Choir Competition, successfully participated in the Republican Adult Choir Competition and defended the category I title (awarded in 2009). 

In 2014 choir won the 1st place in the international choir competition "Golden Cold Band" - awarded a gold diploma and a special prize for the best work by a Polish composer. 

n 2015 choir won a gold diploma and 3rd place in the 1st International J. Naujalis Choir Competition. 

In 2016 2nd place was taken in the VII International Choir Competition "Cracovia Cantans". 

In 2017 SALUTO was awarded a first degree diploma in the Lithuanian adult choir competition. 

In 2018 choir won a silver diploma at the IX International Krakow Advent and Christmas Music Festival.