Our Director

RAMUTĖ ŠTREIMIKYTĖ (b. 11 January 1961) - Kaunas J. Gruodis Conservatory Choir Conducting Teacher, Conservatory Mixed Choir Choir Master of this Conservatory, A. Kačanauskas Music School Soloist and Conducting Teacher, Member of the Lithuanian Choir Union, Founder and Head of Kaunas Mixed Choir SALUTO, Kaunas Republican Song Festival Chief conductor. 
Already during her studies, she started working as a choirmaster in various amateur groups. For 23 years she was the choirmaster-conductor of Kaunas mixed choir "Leliumai". As a soloist she sang in the Silver Voices competition (1st place, Kaunas, 1986), (3rd place, Palanga, 1986). 

The J. Gruodis Conservatory Girls' Choir, led by her, was the 2nd place winner (1987).

Kaunas endocrine drug men's ensemble - resp. Silver Voices Competition 1st place (Kaunas, 1986), 3rd place (Palanga, 1986), Inspections of Kaunas Vocal Ensembles 1st place winner (1988).

Conducting the choir "Leliumai" in the choir competition of the II World Lithuanian Song Festival (1998) special prize (for the conductor who best interpreted the work of a contemporary composer).

As a director - The trainee visited the Salzburg Higher School of Music “Mozarteum” prof. A. Hartinger's master classes, in which he conducted the Vilnius Municipal Choir "Jauna Muzika" (1999). In the Republican Choir Competition (2006) awarded with special prize as a conductor. Students prepared for the young conductors' competitions regularly win prizes. Since 1997 is one of the organizers of Kaunas County Music and Art School Children's Choir Festival (XV festival took place in 2017). Ramutė is often invited to be a member of various evaluation commissions.

In 2019 director is granted the status of an artist

She has given many concerts with leading groups. The choir Leliumai has conducted in Germany (1990, 1997), Italy (1993), France (1995), Belgium (1995), USA (1996), Canada (1996), Denmark (1997, 2001, 2005), and Austria (1999). ), In the United Kingdom (2002, 2006).

In 2007 Štreimikytė founded the mixed choir SALUTO, with which he prepares thematic programs, gives a number of concerts in Lithuania and abroad. The choir has won several international competitions.