Commemoration of the Day of Mourning and Hope in Fort IX

Birželio 14 d. – Gedulo ir Vilties diena. Šią dieną Kauno mišrus choras „Saluto“ pakvietė visus prisiminti tai, ko neturime pamiršti, atlikdamas šiuolaikinio britų kompozitoriaus Karlo Jenkinso kūrinį „Ginkluotas žmogus: Mišios už taiką“. Kūrinys skirtas naujajam tūkstantmečiui, amžių sandūroje atkreipiantis dėmesį į skausmingus žmonijos išgyvenimus, lydėjusius praeityje. Viena skaudžiausių temų – karai.

No less painful memories for Lithuania about 1941. June 14 mass repression by the Soviet Union. During the first days of mass deportation (June 14-16), over 17 thousand Lithuanians were deported, and during 11 years of deportation, more than 130 thousand people were deported from Lithuania. In the years of Soviet and German occupation in 1940-1952, Lithuania lost over 500,000 people due to terror and genocide.

The threat of an armed man is also reminded of K. Jenkins' work, full of dramatic pages reflecting various stages of human history, talking about the horrors of wars, and shining with a longing for Peace, Justice and Light. Its expressive music and dynamic content leave no one indifferent. The first listeners who heard the premiere performance of this work in Lithuania on April 21 this year at the Kaunas Philharmonic also felt a great emotional impact. It is unfortunate that the officials of Kaunas municipality, having supported the idea of ​​repeating the work on the Day of Mourning and Hope and promising funding, refused this decision. However, this did not dampen the choristers ’determination to present this work of exceptional beauty to listeners who had not yet heard it.

The initiators of the performance turned to the citizens of indifferent and meaningful music for help, gaining support and the belief that the work will really sound again. Only instead of the planned St. George's Church were the listeners invited to another space.

Once again, K. Jenkins' "Armed Man: Mass for Peace" sounded on June 14 in the hall of Kaunas IX Fort Museum, because the main patron of the event from Vilnius appeared! The event was interested in the foreign capital company Elektrobalt, which started its activities less than two decades ago in Kaunas. Listeners who realized the true value of the work, which was appreciated almost a thousand times in twenty countries, came to hear it even from other cities, so there was a lack of seats in the spacious hall: "Saluto", the orchestra and soloists gathered for the project, Vitaly Sherstaboyev's video installations told about the pains of humanity, shocking to the depths of the heart and making everyone who listens think.

Funds were also raised for the implementation of the project “Education Siberia ‘12” for the development of youth citizenship and patriotism. This project was told by one of its organizers and participants.

Let us not be indifferent to the loss of the Nation, the experiences of our loved ones in exile, let us not be indifferent to the future of Lithuania, let us wake up ourselves and wake others up from the spiritual crisis.


„Išlydėkit varpais tūkstantmečius karų,

Pasitikit varpais tūkstantmetį taikos.

Išlydėkit, kas sena, pasitikit, kas nauja…
Išlydėkite melą, pasitikite tiesą varpais“

(A. Tennyson)

These are the words that sounded at the end of the piece. Looking back, let us carry the Light of Remembrance, let us be better and more sensitive so that the pain and grief that was there will not happen again.

Musicologist Gražina DAINAUSKIENĖ




Artists experience

… When the concert started on Thursday, I realized it was the place to be. I listened behind the scenes and felt the weight, pain, tension of the piece. And the performers (I’m talking about the orchestra) this time, I think, got together for the music that pulsated throughout the piece. All this atmosphere helped us to feel the piece and give the listeners what we could do best at the time. Thank you for your trust. I hope this is not the last project with you and your choir.

… It was terrifically good for us… It is still good to know that we also contributed some… continue to do so !!!

… Thank you, I often have to play music of such beauty, I am happy for the opportunity.

… Congratulations on a great idea and a great job that has really paid off. Don’t put your hands down, go ahead.

… It was really nice to perform together. Good luck, I hope you will have to work together again in the future.

Audience feedback

… Was like never before - STRONG, that which excites, trembles, vibrates, and transforms mortals in any other way. It's hard to say how glad it was to hear "Saluto" so much different. What fff and ppp, ech… Emotions are mixed up because the music you broadcast is SO healing and changing the environment that I would have lost what I found. 5 years and such maturity!

… The first performance was already fascinating, but now - stunned! The chorus sound and color are ideal. What a pleasure it was!

… Most fascinated by the choir’s soft sound filling.

… Would have been enough and musical performance alone, without images, because there was something to listen to.

… I hoped it would be fine, but that it would be so good!…